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Tastes like Charcoal

Pret a Manger has been named the worst of the high street coffee shops in a test that suggested its coffee tastes ‘thin’ with hints of burnt charcoal. The damning verdict will be bad news for the successful chain, which makes much of its claims to be an ethical retailer using the finest natural ingredients. […]

You are your Coffee

A study has found that people who drink certain types of coffee share common attributes. If you drink a latte, or add milk to your coffee, then you are likely to go out of your way to help others whereas if you prefer to drink decaffeinated coffee you are more likely to be obsessive and […]

Coffee or Smoothie?

One is made of fruit. The other is caffeinated. So a smoothie is a healthier option than a coffee, right? Don’t be so sure, says Michael Mosley, as he weighs the evidence. Which is healthier – coffee or smoothies? It seems obvious that the answer must be a smoothie. After all, drinking coffee is a […]